Soufflot, Jacques-Germain, during Lois XVI, born in 1713, moved to Rome to study architecture, furthered by the duc de Saint-Aignan, Louis XVŐs representative at the Holy Sea.  Worked in Lyon and in Paris, as first architect of the King



Church of St. Genevieve, Pantheon, declared a sanctuary of the nation.   Neo-classicism  done between 1758-89 actually built because Lois XV had fallen gravely ill and vowed to built church on the ruins of St. Genevieve.  Brother of Madame de Pompadour, Marquis de Marigny gave commission to Soufflot.


Plan:  a Greek cross, 300 feet long, ca 260 feet wide

Soufflot died, his pupil Jen-Baptiste Rondelet finished , consecrated in 1789, in 1791 declared a national sanctuary, mausoleum for the good and great of the new republic. 

Buried are:  Mirabeau, Voltaire, Rousseau and Marat

Enduring emblem of the revolution


Inside: columns and straight architrave

See Pediment relief by David dŐAngers